We are committed to doing things differently, we may not be perfect and we are most definitely small but we hope that our decisions will make a big difference, If not now then tomorrow.

In an ideal world,

In an ideal world,

community and sustainability would drive our decisions, we would share resources and knowledge and create circular economies to reduce waste.

In practice.

In practice this can be tricky, but we believe that hiring rather than buying is a step in the right direction.

Although we are a small business, we believe that if we can lay the right foundations we can slowly build on them whilst also creating a strong network of Cornish companies that can help support not only each other but also the tourism industry and local economy in a responsible way. With these tiny steps made by each company we hope to promote better choices for the millions of visitors to Cornwall each year and this will collectively have a much bigger effect.

In building this foundation we have had to think about what we use and how we use it and the most important element for us (after our fabulous tents!) is SLEEP. We needed to know that what you would be sleeping in was high quality and guilt free. Real wooden beds were a no brainer but we have also chosen recycled duvets, pillows and Mattress toppers. In the end we made the decision to buy synthetic but with 100 % recycled material. We hope that as our little tents grow in numbers we will be able to provide more choice in terms of natural (but responsibly sourced) duvets and pillows such as down and wool but for now we are doing what we can to provide bedding in the most responsible and practical way we can.

In practice

We value luxury.

We value luxury, comfort and sustainability and that can only mean one thing. LINEN. Growing Flax to make linen requires less water and less pesticides, to top it off linen fibers don't need to be treated with chemicals during processing. It is also perfect for camping, keeping you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cool, it's the obvious choice and we love it. To give these lovely linens a little bit of extra warmth for those chillier nights we also provide wool blankets and real furs (and in case of emergencies we also have passenger sleeping bags made from recycled bottles) - what a combination!

We hope that these beautiful natural fabrics will help you get the great nights sleep you deserve and will leave you feeling well rested and wonderfully connected to nature.

Reuse, Recycle, Repair.

Reusing, recycling and repairing are the best ways to be sustainable, if we can all use a little bit less it can make a big difference. We hope that by using VINTAGE and antique furniture we can reduce our need to purchase newly manufactured goods. We love that these unique pieces of furniture look fabulous, provide you with the best quality possible and have a low impact on the planet, win win win!!

Reuse, Recycle, Repair

Consider sustainability.

We have tried to consider sustainability in all aspects of our business including our website, this led us to use a local web designer whose electricity is 100% renewable. We also host our site using Netify, a cloud-based web platform that is committed to environmental sustainability. We believe this is an important factor in keeping our company green and In the future we hope that we can do more, this includes using greener energy, vehicles and banking.

Although we have tried to be as sustainable as possible, sometimes as a business we have had to meet in the middle, practical/financial decisions have had to take some weight and sometimes new products have been purchased. In order to try and offset a little of the carbon that we produce we are pledging to donate 1 tree for every tent we hire via Plant One, a community interest company based in Cornwall that is committed to habitat creation, restoring ancient woodlands, increasing carbon capture and supporting local communities.

Plant One is just one of the amazing local, sustainable and responsible companies who we are working with. Keep an eye on our socials and our evolving website as we will soon be adding our sustainable guide to Cornwall detailing our wonderful local stockists alongside sustainably minded companies, events and venues.

Like camping. Hate packing. LOVE a good nights sleep.